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All technical service end half hour before closing time - Please come early

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Fixing of the dial & the hands. Casing up the movement with the dial and the hands.


Closing of the case and checking of the water-resistance.

Setting the correct time; checking the technical and aesthetic condition of the assembled watch.


Adjustment of the rate


Assembling and oiling of the movement in accordance with Technical Documents.

Checking of the functions of the movement in accordance with Manufacturer specifications.


Dismantling of the movement into its individual parts. Identification of worn or damaged movement parts.

Repair or replacement of any faulty movement parts.


Ultrasonic cleaning of the watch case and bracelet to remove dirt & grime accumulated over daily usage.

Re-assembly of the watch case and replacement of glass, tube, crown, pushers, , gaskets, if necessary. (Spare parts charges may apply)


Opening of watch case; Remove the crown with the winding stem so as to extract the movement with the dial and the hands.

Like any precision instrument, your mechanical watch requires a complete service every 3-5 year, as recommended by major manufacturer. It is important to have a certified watchmaker with the proper tools & equipment  to work on the watch.

This page briefly explains the work & time involved to service a watch,hence the higher labour charges for a complete service. It is much more than just 'adding oil'.

What We Do During Servicing

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Dismantling of the case (glass, tube, pushers, gaskets, bezel etc.).

Optional - Refinishing or Buffing of the watch case and bracelet to original FACTORY specifications (polishing, satin-finishing, mirror finish).


To check the power reserve & accuracy of the watch, it is placed on a watch winder for X* hours to simulate wrist movement.

* X stands for the duration it should be on the watch winder according to manufacturer specifications (typically 5 to 6 hours)

After 24 hours, it is placed on a timing machine to check the precision and the rate.


Cleaning the disassembled movement in a watch cleaning machine with specific solutions, as recommended by the manufacturer.

! many 3rd party technicians / shops tend to use alternative / cheaper solutions to cut cost but they may not be aware that this may cause permanent damage to the movement.


Dismantling of the dial and the hands from the movement.